Over 100 years of experience in transportation and logistics

G&H Logistics is composed of a team of people passionate about transportation. Because we aim to offer the best service to our customers and want our equipment to be worthy of the merchandise it transports, we own a modern fleet of 50 trucks and 130 two- and three-axle trailers that can accommodate practically all types of goods. G&H Logistics is certified by C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism) to address security concerns against terrorism in the transportation industry.

We can safely transport:

  • ⋅ refrigerated goods
  • ⋅ frozen goods
  • ⋅ foods
  • ⋅ dry goods
  • ⋅ paper
  • ⋅ plastic
  • ⋅ general merchandise

We are committed to provide you with the best service, no matter how many truckloads or less than truckloads that you need delivered. Let us take care of your merchandise!

It is essential for us to know where you merchandise is at all times. For this reason, all our trucks are equipped with a GPS system and our drivers can be reach by cell phone at all times! On time delivery is guaranteed.

Whether your market is in Québec, Canada or in the United States, we can take care of your transportation management.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of 50 trucks and 130 trailers adapted for the goods they transport. We own two- and three-axle dry box trailers, as well as heated and refrigerated trailers (reefer trailers). About 75% of our fleet is used to transport food, while the rest of the trailers are used for general transport (paper, construction materials, plastic bottles, etc.).

Licenses et certificates

It is with great pleasure that we provide you these relevant documents, licenses and certificates:

Food Transportation


G&H Logistics becomes your partner of choice for all your food transport needs. Our team takes care of transportation and logistics to provide you with the best follow-up and to make sure that your deadlines are met.

For dry goods, our two- or three-axle trailers will meet all your food transport needs.

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G&H Logistics is a leader in refrigerated transportation in Quebec. We carry goods in refrigerated trailers throughout North America.

Our temperature-controlled trailers make sure that the products we carry are preserved.

G&H Logistics owns several two- and three-axle refrigerated trailers (reefer trailers) that can transport all your freight to their final destination.

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Weather conditions can get extreme, and G&H Logistics knows the importance of preserving the quality of the products it carries. That is why we offer an efficient solution to carry your cold-sensitive products that must be transported inside a heated environment. The trailers used for heated transportation are equipped with a temperature control system to maintain a specific temperature throughout the trip, thus ensuring the quality of the products during delivery.

More than half of G&H Logistics’ trailer fleet consists of heated two- and three-axle trailers.

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Road trains allow for cost-effective transport of large quantities of goods, while increasing the volume of operations.

With its many road trains on the road, G&H Logistics will undeniably respond to your needs.

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In order to ensure quality service that meets clients’ needs, G&H Logistics is constantly looking for
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